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Permit Information

Permit Number:  
Project Name:  
Emerald Lakes Phase 1 West
Sequence Type:  
Initial Sequence
Permit Type:  
ERP Conceptual
Decision Date:  
No Date
Expiration Date:  
No Date
A conceptual project collectively called Emerald Lakes with a Phase I development plan for the properties infrastructure improvements for a portion of Emerald Lakes West including roadways, sidewalks, stormwater connection and treatment infrastructure. It includes minimizing wetland impacts and maximizing preservation including liners, fencing and upland buffers.
Project Status:  
Emerald Investment Holdings, LLC
Emerald Investment Holdings, LLC
Current Process Stage:
Pending RAI Response   Current Process Stage
Atlantic Environmental , Construction Engineering Group
Reviewer Name
Phone Number
Perry Jennings
Kris Hebert
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Permit Application Processing Stages
There are different stages that a permit application goes through until it is issued and/or closed.
Data Capture
The application submittal is being verified by Administrative staff before being routed to Regulatory staff for technical review.
Application is under technical review by Regulatory staff.
Timeline: Staff has 30 days to review the new application or the RAI Response from the date it was received.
Pending RAI Response
Request for additional information (RAI) was sent to permittee/consultant and District staff is waiting on a response.
Timeline: Applicant has 90-days to respond to a RAI
Note:  The project may alternate between 'Review' and 'Pending RAI Response' stages more than once.
The application is still under review, however, the Technical Staff Report (TSR) has been generated for editing.
The Technical Staff Report (TSR) has been finalized and routed to Administrative staff for permit issuance, or to await board decision if the project is scheduled for a board meeting.
Note:  Most ERP applications are staff issued and do not require Governing Board action.
The Permit is issued/active and in compliance tracking stage. For ERP projects, the permit may by in the construction phase or the O&M phase.
Permit is annulled and no longer active.
Application/Permit is no longer active or was not issued and administratively closed.