Activities Search

Information as of : 23-Nov-2020 02:00:53 AM
This page allows you to search on Regulatory activities that district staff is currently, or may have in the past, performed work on. These activities include compliance submittal type items, like As Builts, Water Use Data (EN50)s, Wetland Monitoring, etc. but also activities that are not related to any permit or application, like certain Pre-Applications, Site Inspections, Complaints, etc.
All activities are assigned an Item number and have a project name, which defaults to the project name of the Permit/Application if it is associated with a permit or permit application. Items created before December 2016 and items that do not have any recorded activities, will not be available to search.
Note: This page is not intended to find and submit Compliance submittal documents. To submit compliance submittal information, please submit that via your account dashboard or the Apply/Submit menu option.
Instructions: To search for one or more Activity Items, enter either the Activity Item Number if known, or all or part of the Project Name of the Activity Item and then click on the Search button. Click here for more information on how to use this search.