Notice of Receipt of Application(s)

Notice is hereby given that pursuant to Chapter 373, Florida Statutes, the following application(s) have been received:

WUP Individual(40A-2) < 1 mgd 01/24/2020 2E-033-84-7 Gonzalez Utilities Association Gonzalez Utilities Association Inc. Escambia
ERP Individual 01/24/2020 IND-005-291044-1 Tyndall Federal Credit Union Tyndall Federal Credit Union - 23rd Street Bay
ERP Individual 01/24/2020 IND-033-291028-1 Gateway Church of Christ, Inc. Gateway Church of Christ Building Addition & Remodel Escambia
ERP Conceptual 01/23/2020 CON-073-289625-2 Red Hills Property Holdings, LLC Fallschase Residential Leon
ERP Individual 01/22/2020 IND-113-291010-1 HAMMM Farms, LLC Cadence Place Santa Rosa
ERP Permit Determination/Exemption 01/22/2020 PDEX-063-291001-1 FDOT District 3 SR 75 (US 231) from the Bay county line to Pike Pond Road. FPID: 439740-1-5201 Jackson
ERP Permit Determination/Exemption 01/21/2020 PDEX-113-291000-1 Santa Rosa County E. Spencer & S. Spencer Intersection Improvements Santa Rosa
ERP Individual 01/21/2020 IND-131-290996-1 New Life Church of God NEW LIFE CHURCH OF GOD Walton
ERP Individual 01/21/2020 IND-131-288736-2 Randy Wise Homes, Inc. Marina Village Phase II Walton
ERP Individual 01/21/2020 IND-005-291009-1 Royal American Development, Inc. Hilltop Pointe Apartments Bay
ERP Permit Determination/Exemption 01/17/2020 PDEX-073-290938-1 FDOT SR 363/61 S Monroe St from E Paul Russell Rd to Perkins St FPID: 441547-1 Leon
ERP Permit Determination/Exemption 01/17/2020 PDEX-073-290934-1 FDOT SR 63 (North Monroe Street) Leon
ERP Individual 01/17/2020 IND-073-290932-1 Grand Land Enterprises, LLC Capital Hill Plaza Leon
ERP General 01/17/2020 GEN-113-290931-1 Santa Rosa County Edgewood Drive Drainage Improvements Santa Rosa
ERP Individual 01/17/2020 IND-039-290929-1 Donalson Diesel Performance, LLC Donalson Diesel Performance Gadsden
ERP General 01/16/2020 GEN-039-290919-1 City of Quincy Hamilton Street Stormwater Improvements Gadsden
ERP Individual 01/16/2020 IND-131-290905-1 Walton County School District South Walton County High School Football Field House Walton
ERP Individual 01/15/2020 IND-005-290903-1 William Carr Ocean Bay Storage Bay
ERP Individual 01/15/2020 IND-131-290902-1 D.R Horton Walton's Landing Walton
WUP Individual(40A-2) < 1 mgd 01/14/2020 2E-131-6523-4 Freeport 860, LLC Freeport 860, LLC Walton
ERP Individual 01/13/2020 IND-113-290861-1 RW Hiawatha, LLC Plank Nursery Subdivision Santa Rosa
ERP Individual 01/13/2020 IND-005-290847-1 Mesa Capital Partners The Tyde Bay
WUP Individual(40A-2) < 1 mgd 01/13/2020 2E-005-290846-1 Bay County Board of County Commissioners Bay County Jail Bay

No further public notice will be provided regarding the application(s). Persons wishing to remain advised of further proceedings or to receive a copy of the Technical Staff Report should submit a written request to the Northwest Florida Water Management District.


Substantially affected persons are entitled to request an administrative hearing, pursuant to Title 28, Florida Administrative Code, regarding the proposed agency action by submitting a written request after reviewing the staff report.