Notice of Receipt of Application(s)

Notice is hereby given that pursuant to Chapter 373, Florida Statutes, the following application(s) have been received:

ERP Individual 08/16/2019 IND-091-288566-1 Okalossa Hospital, Inc. Twin Cities Hospital Emergency Department Addition Okaloosa
WUP Individual(40A-2) < 1 mgd 08/16/2019 2E-063-288565-1 Craig Bishop Farms, Inc. Wester Jackson
ERP Individual 08/16/2019 IND-005-288562-1 St. Joe Company St. Joe Company Borrow Pit Bay
ERP Individual 08/16/2019 IND-091-288567-1 Phillip Day The Grove Okaloosa
ERP Permit Determination/Exemption 08/15/2019 PDEX-065-288560-1 Jefferson County BOCC Waukeenah Highway Widening and Resurfacing Jefferson
ERP Individual 08/15/2019 IND-113-288553-1 Texas Roadhouse Holdings, LLC Texas Roadhouse - Milton, FL Santa Rosa
ERP Permit Determination/Exemption 08/14/2019 PDEX-033-288523-1 McKim & Creed, Inc. Foosackly's - 9th Ave Escambia
WUP Individual(40A-2) < 1 mgd 08/13/2019 2E-131-3000-10 Eglin Air Force Base Eglin Air Force Base Southeast Region Walton
ERP Permit Determination/Exemption 08/09/2019 PDEX-073-288477-1 George & Associates Chestwood Avenue Drainage Improvements Leon
ERP Individual 08/09/2019 IND-033-288475-1 Diocese of Pensacola-Tallahassee Saint Paul's Catholic Church - Gym Addition Escambia
WUP Individual(40A-2) < 1 mgd 08/09/2019 2E-045-3819-7 Gulf County Board of County Commissioners Gulf County Board of County Commissioners Gulf
ERP Individual 08/08/2019 IND-033-288458-1 Escambia County Untreiner Regional Pond Escambia
WUP Individual(40A-2) >= 1 mgd 08/08/2019 2B-091-3005-7 Eglin Air Force Base 7th Special Forces and Duke Field -- Eglin Air Force Base Okaloosa
ERP Individual 08/08/2019 IND-033-9205-3 Tisdale Enterprises LLC Tisdale Enterprises Warehouses Minor Mod Escambia
Forestry Authorization 08/08/2019 400-113-288442-1 Florida Forest Service Rhonda Hughes Culvert Replacement Santa Rosa
Forestry Authorization 08/08/2019 400-113-288449-1 Florida Forest Service Rhonda Hughes Metal Culverts Replacement Santa Rosa
ERP Individual 08/08/2019 IND-091-288473-1 Eagle Venture Group LLC Palm Blvd. Lot Split Okaloosa
ERP Individual 08/07/2019 IND-033-288414-1 Escambia County Green Pit Regional Pond Escambia
ERP Individual 08/06/2019 IND-073-288406-1 Palafox LLC Market District Housing Leon
ERP Individual 08/06/2019 IND-113-288405-1 Navarre Beach Crossings, LLC Navarre Beach Crossings Santa Rosa
ERP Individual 08/06/2019 IND-005-7921-2 Freeland & Kauffman Inc, Rental Service Center-Panama City Expansion Bay
ERP Individual 08/06/2019 IND-005-288400-1 Michael Swearington Meagan's Ridge Subdivision Bay
ERP Individual 08/06/2019 IND-091-288408-1 Valparaiso Realty Company VRC College Blvd Subdivision Okaloosa
ERP Individual 08/06/2019 IND-033-9008-3 NAS Pensacola Building P-724 Corry "A" School BEQ Escambia
WUP Individual(40A-2) < 1 mgd 08/05/2019 2E-133-288385-1 Marshall R Woods Southern Cattle Farm Washington
ERP Permit Determination/Exemption 08/05/2019 PDEX-033-288390-1 City of Pensacola Davis Hwy at Carpenter Ck Treatment Project Escambia

No further public notice will be provided regarding the application(s). Persons wishing to remain advised of further proceedings or to receive a copy of the Technical Staff Report should submit a written request to the Northwest Florida Water Management District.


Substantially affected persons are entitled to request an administrative hearing, pursuant to Title 28, Florida Administrative Code, regarding the proposed agency action by submitting a written request after reviewing the staff report.