Notice of Receipt of Application(s)

Notice is hereby given that pursuant to Chapter 373, Florida Statutes, the following application(s) have been received:

ERP General 12/06/2019 GEN-129-290420-1 Pafford Properties & Construction, LLC Spears Crossing Subdivison Wakulla
ERP Individual 12/05/2019 IND-005-290397-1 Phillip Helms Helms Enforcement Permitting Bay
ERP Individual 12/05/2019 IND-073-8641-2 FAMU Facility Services, Planning, and Safety FAMU Rec Center Parking Expansion Leon
Water Well Construction 12/05/2019 TE-A-290377-2 Pinewood Lane - Fairpoint Regional Utility System Santa Rosa
Water Well Construction 12/05/2019 TE-C-288938-3 Pinewood Lane - Fairpoint Regional Utility System-EXTENSION Santa Rosa
ERP Individual 12/05/2019 IND-133-290371-1 Dewberry Piercy Property 250 Acre Borrow Pit Washington
ERP Individual 12/05/2019 IND-005-290375-1 Wendland Condo HOA Wendwood Condo HOA Bay
ERP Individual 12/05/2019 IND-033-7973-4 Woodlyn Meadows Homeowners' Association Woodlyn Meadows Subdivision Transfer Escambia
ERP Individual 12/04/2019 IND-073-290366-1 Optimal Outcomes, LLC Florida Cancer Specialists Leon
Water Well Construction 12/03/2019 TE-A-290359-2 Hwy 73 - Deseret Ranches Of N Fl Llc Calhoun
Water Well Construction 12/03/2019 TE-C-290359-1 Hwy 73 - Deseret Ranches Of N FL LLC Calhoun
WUP Individual(40A-2) < 1 mgd 12/03/2019 2E-065-6824-4 Red Hills Property, LLC Red Hills Property, LLC Jefferson
WUP Individual(40A-2) < 1 mgd 12/02/2019 2E-077-5907-6 Shuler Springs, LLC, Shuler Springs, LLC Shuler Springs, LLC Liberty
ERP Permit Determination/Exemption 11/27/2019 PDEX-033-290328-1 FDOT Geotechnical Soil Borings for FDOT's Interstate 10 at CR 99 Interchange Study Escambia
ERP Individual 11/27/2019 IND-005-18314-3 Watermark at PCB, LLC, A Delaware Limited Liability Company, Blueacre PCB, LLC BlueAcre PCB, LLC Bay
ERP General 11/26/2019 GEN-033-290286-1 Escambia County, Florida Blue Springs Drainage Improvements at Crescent Lake Escambia
WUP Individual(40A-2) < 1 mgd 11/26/2019 2E-039-4505-5 Little Bit Farm, Inc. Little Bit Farm, Inc. Gadsden
ERP Individual 11/26/2019 IND-131-290278-1 Crest Residential Mack Bayou Residence Walton
ERP Individual 11/26/2019 IND-091-9416-5 Ruckel Properties, Inc. DMC Phase 2 Residential Okaloosa
ERP Individual 11/26/2019 IND-063-9578-3 BPM Holdings, LLC Capital Plaza Extension of Permit Jackson
WUP Individual(40A-2) < 1 mgd 11/25/2019 2E-063-5721-3 VanLandingham Farms, Inc. VanLandingham Farms, Inc. - Hwy 90 Jackson
WUP Individual(40A-2) >= 1 mgd 11/25/2019 2B-091-94-10 Auburn Water System, Inc. Auburn Water System, Inc. Okaloosa
ERP Individual 11/25/2019 IND-091-290260-1 Matovina & Company Patriot Ridge - Phases 3 & 4 Okaloosa
ERP Individual 11/25/2019 IND-063-9578-2 BPM Holdings, LLC Capital Plaza Extension of Permit Jackson

No further public notice will be provided regarding the application(s). Persons wishing to remain advised of further proceedings or to receive a copy of the Technical Staff Report should submit a written request to the Northwest Florida Water Management District.


Substantially affected persons are entitled to request an administrative hearing, pursuant to Title 28, Florida Administrative Code, regarding the proposed agency action by submitting a written request after reviewing the staff report.