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Who needs an account? An account is needed if you wish to submit any permit applications or compliance data online. You do not need an account to search permitting data via Permitting.

Where is my account information stored? This data is in a secure file with encrypted passwords. It is not visible to others.

What types of applications can I submit? Well construction, consumptive use, environmental resource, contractor licensing and landscape irrigation permit applications are availableonline.  Your online account will allow you to submit all types.

How do I know what sections I need for a permit? When you select a permit type (environmental resource permit - ERP) or use type(s) (consumptive use permit - CUP), the system will select and present only the sections and supplemental forms required.

What information must I submit? The minimum amount of information required before an application can be submitted is shown by red asterisks in the on-line application and typically includes applicant's name, address and telephone, type of permit sought, county of project, project acreage and project name. Note: Payment of the application fee is required for application submittal.

How can I send reports or other documents with my application? You will see a Browse button and an Attach button in each area where forms may be attached. Click the Browse button to bring up the typical directory browser window to locate the desired document. Select the document, close the directory browser window and then click the Attach button. You can attach more than one file if needed. Hint:  You do not need to attach reports or plans one page at a time.  Examples are multi-page plans combined into one dwf file or previous years' monthly operating reports as multiple sheets in an Excel workbook. 

What about engineering plans? The District accepts files that have been digitally signed using a level 2 PKI signature and signature forms listing the document names and associated SHA-1 numbers.  Please refer to the 61G15 document at and navigate to page 35. The procedures described therein are the methods implemented by the District for the receipt of plans, calculations or other file types requiring a signature. Other useful information may be found at the Permitting help link , and

What if I can't complete the application in one session? Will I lose my work? The information will not be lost. When you reach a stopping point in CUP or ERP applications, click on the Finalize tab. You will have the option to Save your work for later editing.  Because the District is a public agency, anything submitted or saved on the District's Permitting web site may be subjected to a public records request under Chapter 119, Florida Statutes, and therefore made available to the public and media upon request.  Thus, if you do not want information about your project made public, you should not begin an on-line application until you are prepared to submit completed information to the District.

Must I pay the application fee online? No. You can choose to pay the fee online or you can choose to pay later. If you choose Pay Later, the system will generate a Payment Memo, which you can print and send to the District with your payment.

How do I pay the application fee? Payments can be made online using either checking account or credit card. Your payment is made using a secure connection with Bank of America's on-line payment site. The checking account or credit card information is encrypted as it travels across the Internet. Because these transactions are processed by Bank of America, the District and District employees do not have access to your checking account or credit card information, nor is any of the information retained as part of the public record.  Credit cards currently accepted are American Express, VISA, and MasterCard.

How do I collaborate with others on an application? Users who have created an application that has not yet been submitted, can delegate rights to edit or pay on the application to other Permitting account holders. Select the Team Members tab to add delegates. Enter either the user name or email address of the account holder, select Edit or Pay, or both Edit and Pay and click on Add Team Member. When you have finished adding delegates, click on the Save tab and then Submit. The application will be flagged as ready for submittal and an email will be sent to all delegates letting them know that they have rights on the draft application. When the delagate has made the payment, you will be notified via email and can then submit the application.

When will the District receive my application? When you click Submit on the Save tab, a confirmation email is sent to you and a notification email is sent to the District. These emails are checked frequently during the day, and applications will be processed during normal business hours. An electronic transaction will not be completed until the electronic permit application or compliance data is received by the District in a manner capable of being stored and printed by the District. Upon the District's successful receipt of the electronic application, the District will send you a receipt confirmation email with a summary of the information received by the District (including the permit application number where appropriate). We recommend that you keep the receipt confirmation email for future communications with the District. Submittals received after the District's regular business hours will be deemed received on the District's next regular business day.


What types of compliance reports can I submit? With the release of September 8, 2005, all required compliance submittals may be submitted.

How do I know when compliance reports are due? After you have logged in, select Compliance from the main menu and enter the permit number and desired date range. All compliance reports due in that time frame for that permit will be displayed.  This list can be sorted by compliance submittal name or date due.

Data Searches

How to find a Technical Staff Report (TSR) or other application file documents Click on "Application Status Search" and select either "Application/Permit Number" (to search by application number) or select "Project Name" (to search by the name of the project). Click on the appropriate application number. If the TSR is available you will see a folder named Technical Staff Report. Click on this folder and then click the TSR link to view the report. This method is also used to view other folders and documents for the selected permit.

How can I view permit and application documents? Most documents are PDF format and require the Adobe Reader for viewing or printing.  A free Reader download is available at Other documents may be of file type DWF. These are generally plans and drawings for the project.  A free download for DWF Viewer can be found at

How can I view permits in Google Earth? If you click the Google Earth button, the system will open a Google Earth map (KML file) in the Google Earth application. You can download a free version of the Google Earth application at