Welcome to the Suwannee River Water Management District's Permitting portal

Through this portal, you can search for application and permit information, submit permit applications and additional documents, submit RAI responses, submit permit compliance information, and create and maintain a login ID that allows you to submit electronic applications and compliance information.

Currently you can apply online for:

  • Water Well Contractor Licenses--new and renewals
  • Water Well Construction (WWC)--permits and extensions
  • Water Use Permit (WUP)--permits, permit modifications, permit renewals, letter modifications, permit transfers, application withdrawals, RAI extensions, and Chapter 120 waivers
  • Environmental Resource Permits (ERP)--permits, permit modifications, permit renewals, letter modifications, permit transfers, permit determination/exemption requests, application withdrawals, RAI extensions, Chapters 120 and 373 waivers, and ERP-Agriculture (Silvicultural) permits.
In addition, you can submit RAI responses and compliance submittals.

There is a known issue while working with attachments in ePermitting, with the latest version of Chrome browser. We recommend using ePermitting with Internet Explorer or Firefox browsers until this issue has been resolved.

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